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First let me start by saying Happy 2014 to everyone.  I am raring to go with new products and designs to add the jewellery range.

But now (it is good grammar to start a sentence with 'but'? I don't care! #rebel), I want to talk about freshwater pearls.  Grown in mussels rather than their more expensive salt water cousins in oysters, freshwater pearls are a more affordable choice because mussels can grow many pearls at a time whereas oysters usually can only manage a single pearl.

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All pearls have a lovely lustre and shimmer to them formed by the layers of nacre within the pearl.  I make a point of only choosing pearls that have a high lustre because a dull pearl is just poor quality, and I won't use them in my jewellery designs.

In the online shop you will notice I use pink, ivory and other colours of freshwater pearl.  I have been asked a few times if these colours are natural or just coated on?  The answer is freshwater pearls occur naturally in colours including white, ivory, pale pink & grey.  The mocha and praline colours in some of the freshwater pearl necklaces are certainly not coated!  Metal salts are added to the water at the pearl farms which then colours the freshwater pearls as they grow.  This means you can now get quite exciting colour combinations from bright green to orange!

Not only do freshwater pearls look so elegant, suit any age and don't look dated, they also actually benefit from being worn next to the skin.  Plus when you wear a freshwater pearl necklace the lustre adds a soft flattering light to the complexion ... well that's what my late Grandmother used to say ;)

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Lastly a word about looking after your freshwater pearls, in fact this applies to all pearls really.  It is very important to put your pearls on last, ie don't spray hairspray or perfume over pearls as it can damage the lustre and you don't want dull pearls.  When putting freshwater pearls away for storing be careful not to place them near anything abrasive as pearls are a relatively soft 'stone'.  To clean your pearls wipe them gently with a soft cloth nothing rough or abrasive and absolutely avoid using cleaning sprays or solvents.

I hope you enjoy wearing your freshwater pearl jewellery and please take the time to peruse the shop.  Remember if you don't see what you like you can always contact me and ask about a commission piece ... Valentine's Day is not far away after all ....

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