We love stretchy bracelets!

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Yes, it is time to proclaim the truth - we love stretchy bracelets!  

pinkbluebraceleta     bluetaupebracelet2   redgoldbracelet 

So simple to wear with no fussy clasp and a little give, these bracelets are a must for daytime wear.  Just put one on with to accessorise a simple t shirt and you are good to go.  

Not just for the kids - as you may read in the product descriptions I often say 'for the young or young at heart'.  Why not cheer yourself up with a bright, fun, fresh and funky stretchy glass bead bracelet from Stone Dacre Scissors?  Go on it's a little treat you can easily afford...

... in fact why not buy a few and wear them together?  As modelled by 'Kitty' the ever youthful Stones Dacre Scissors mascot!  All a bit daft I know, but I am blaming it on the summer heat;)

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