Beige is not boring!

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Yes, I am starting a campaign that strongly believe in.  The time has come to stop giving in to those who say only bold colours matter and bright patterns that make your eyes water.  Today I say #beigeisnotboring! Beige can be beautiful, fresh, warming, gentle and is a colour that suits every skin tone.

I have been working with beige glass beads a lot lately and I am so pleased with the jewellery designs I have made.  So many people have asked me for something neutral they can wear every day but isn't boring and blah.  Using different shades, shapes, and finishes of beige beads have brought out such a lovely stylish result that I say enough is enough!  Say it loud and proud beige is not boring! 

At Stones Dacre Scissors I want you to be able to enjoy wearing beige and be proud of it.  You don't have to have brassy, in your face jewellery to look good.  Beige is not boring and is for you!        

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