Why choose haematite jewellery?

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This is a simple enough question to ask; why indeed choose haematite jewellery?  I think the simplest answer is because haematite has an effortless elegance to it.  'Blingy' enough to have that bit of sparkle but not so much it looks cheap or too much.  For those of you unfamiliar with haematite it is a grey metal with a soft sheen which gives a warm flattering glow to the skin.  It is not black but not silver and because of this it suits daytime or evening wear, which is one reason I think it is so proving so popular with Stones Dacre Scissors customers.

Recently I made a commission set of a necklace, earrings and bracelet all done in cube cut haematite beads.  I think it is the versatility of this metal that is so attractive and I am pleased I was able to make something to fit a customer's requirements too. and give them exactly what they want.


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Haematite jewellery close up Haematite Jewellery set

I will be making more haematite pieces using different shaped beads and styles. I want to experiment with different jewellery and beading techniques to create some truly individual and unique pieces.  Naturally I make sure to blog about them.

Please note though it is best not to wear haematite if pregnant or if you have a pace maker due to the minor magnetic nature of  this metal.





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