What is a Universal Gift Voucher card?

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The Universal Gift Voucher (UGV) card is something I came up with one day a couple of years ago when I needed to send some cash with a birthday card to a friend.  She had wanted a book token and I said I couldn't get to the bookshop in question in time before her birthday, but that I could put some cash in a card to the same amount.  She was not impressed because let's face it, just bunging a tenner or twenty pound note inside a card seemed a bit ... well, uninspired.

The difficulty was how could I make it special? And then I had a brain wave!  This was back in my early days of crafting and I had been playing about with aperture cards (cards with 'windows' in).  I told her instead of sending cash I would send a 'Universal Gift Voucher'. I took an aperture card but didn't close the aperture fully and placed the cash in the 'pocket' that made up the front of the card.  

I made up one of my best and fanciest card for my friend and she was delighted to receive it, especially the novel way of gifting the cash.

And why Universal Gift Voucher?  because it contains a 'voucher' you can use in any shop in the land! wink 

2012-11-12-1017-56    ugv card

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