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Now I realise it has been 'some time' since I last posted on the blog but I have been busy juggling a new teaching job with learning new jewellery techniques.  My current favourite is bead knotting, especially pearls.  You can get the same look of a knotted necklace by adding a seed bead in between each main bead, but knotting each bead individually means you have a sturdier piece with 'flow'.  Hand knotted pearls look so stylish and classic.  They suit everyone (I have even seen a pic of Pharrel Willams wearing a long strand of pearls!) and are timeless.  Originally pearls were individually knotted because they were so expensive, and that if the necklace broke only a couple of pearls would be lost, the rest being secured together by the knots. Also pearls are quite delicate and the knots spot the pearls from rubbing against each other.

white knotted pearls

Recently I have been working on simple, plain stands of white freshwater pearls and also purple and white pearl necklaces.  I wanted to see if the strong colours go with the classic white pearl, and I think they do - so much so I had to keep this purple necklace for myself!

purple knotted pearls

It is traditional to knot pearls with silk thread as it is both strong and being a natural fibre, won't wear down the pearls.  I have experiement with other types of bead thread but find that silk is the best.  

Look out for new pearl designs coming to this website soon.  Also if you need a strand of pearls (or indeed any beads) reknotting please contact me for a no obligation quote.

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