Red Poppy Flower Brooch

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Much as I love working on my own designs it is really enjoyable when I get asked to do a commission/bespoke piece.  Recently I was asked to make a red poppy flower brooch in the style of a Remembrance Sunday poppy.  It took a long time to make but the end result was so lovely and seeing a happy customer made it all worth while - even my almost dreaming about red seed beads! 

Once I had discussed the design with the customer I got my crafting brain working and decided on using a classic circular brick stitch to make up the flower petals.  Taking my inspiration from natural poppy flowers rather than the standard paper ones I made up 8 different sized flower petals plus a black centre.

Now as the the red poppy flower brooch is to be worn on a coat I realised it needed to be especially strong and durable as well look utterly fabulous.  To this end I backed the whole thing on to a double layer of thick red felt with blanket stitch edging, plus I sewed on two small brooch backs (rather than a large one because this could damage the coat) both into the beaded petals themselves and the double felt layer.

I think it looks rather splendid even if I do say so myself.

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  1. Martin Earnshaw

    Naomi. I think it looks stunning. Are you going to make any more?

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