The keyring that thinks it's a pendant

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I know you're supposed to have snappy blog titles that Google likes etc. but I just have to post things my way.  As you know I love making unique pieces of jewellery and more recently have become interested in resin jewellery (see New In for more details).  As I had some resin mix over when I made my latest batch of pendants I decided to experiment, and used some of the leftover mix to make up some fabulous keyrings.

A relative really liked a couple of the keyrings I had and said it was a shame she couldn't wear them as pendants ... dun, dun DUN!  I had a brainwave and realised she could indeed wear the keyrings as pendants by simply removing the keyring 'ring' bit and adding her own chain!  It worked a treat!  She has been wearing the blue one picture a lot and keeps being asked where she got it.  

 2014-05-20 10.53.24 2014-05-20 10.52.55 

 Cloudy blue keyring with seed beads and cabochon worn as pendant

Gorgeous resin keyring with cloth rose and white seed beads worn on a silver chain

Anyway I was at the Limmud day in Weetwood Hall Leeds a couple of weeks ago with my stall and was asked if the keyrings could be worn as pendants and was pleased to say yes they could, and I sold quite a few.  

I am now buzzing with ideas for new keyring/pendants (perhaps they should be called keydants or penkeys?)  I can just as easily add a photo or dried flowers or emblem. I will be making lots more of these keyring/pendants for the 1940s Day in Harrogate on 29th June 2014.

Stay fabulous everyone! 

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