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A bit later than promised but here is my blog report of the Buy Yorkshire Conference at the Royal Armouries Leeds.  This was my second year attending as a delegate at Buy Yorkshire and I found it to be very useful even though I am a sole trader and not a big multi-national blue chip company.

As the name suggest Buy Yorkshire is all about promoting Yorkshire business and it is run by 'The Yorkshire Mafia'.  It was not all dry, boring talks about sales figures and incomprehensible management speak (sidebar: my personal bug bear is the phrase 'switched on' - I am not a kettle!)  There were lots of stalls from businesses and a few charities too.  I made a point of going round as many as I could - no not just to get the freebies but to chat and make new contacts ... OK there were some good freebies ('promo items') but I didn't take more than I could carry.  And I didn't go mad nibbling all the free sweets and chocolates on offer (one stand even had a full on pick and mix available). 

I particularly enjoyed the talk by Janet Street-Porter who said her love affair with Yorkshire has lasted longer than all her four marriages put together.  She spoke honestly and openly about how much she loved living in Yorkshire and though her talk was not specifically about business, I did find much she had to say very useful in a business environment.  Plus she talked a lot about vegetable gardening which being a keen gardener myself I approve of.

Business stalls included: Olive communications who gave me a signed rugby ball

Olive rugby ball 

Plus, Concur, Opera North, Leeds City College, Label Media (Paul Rufus gave me some useful marketing cue cards and an equally useful but in a different way flower pot, compost and sunflower seeds), Norma Humphries at Financial was especially nice about my crafting, Unameit, Awesome Merchandise, RBS, Simon on the Streets (an excellent homeless charity, & Phillip Toop from Northern Sky to name but a few.

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