Thank you for choosing Made by Naomi.  My name is Naomi Drapkin and I am passionate about jewellery making and crafting.  I love making unique, high quality jewellery items and greeting cards to suit varied tastes.  

My favourite piece of jewellery is the Shabbos Key Bracelet.  This enables you to wear a gorgeous bracelet with your key attached!  

I also love to rework & upcycle jewellery ... this a fancy way of saying I like to take old jewellery and make it into something fabulous!  Also I can do minor repairs on a beloved piece of jewellery, for example if you want earring hooks changing on a pair of earrings, I can do that do.  Or perhaps a favourite necklace needs reknotting, I can do this too.  Just Contact me to find out more.

You can order commission cards for a set price no matter how simple or sumptuous the design.  Please click here for more info.

For commission/bespoke jewellery items please go to Contact  and drop me a line to discuss options and ideas.